Escrow rule as intermediary between The seller and the buyer.
Escrow is a service that guarantee the Deal between Seller and buyer, by putting the money with responsible to make / close the deal.

In escrow service buyer should provide certain information ; concerning who is the seller / ICQ / product service being bought / price / and other information etc..

The seller also should provide certain information concerning the buyer's username / ICQ / Jabber / or any / product and delivery time and other information etc..

Anyone refusing Escrow will be considered as ripper/scam and both parties one of them can open a claim against the other who refused To use escrow in blacklist Section.

Action will take place depending on the dispute opened.

There's certain fee that the buyer is obliged to pay for escrow service which is 10% of the amount being put in Escrow.

Attention : Beware that there is no mercy in taking action against anyone, this forum will be consistent and no place for Rippers.

For escrow service please Send PM